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Floorplanning Starter Course

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Starting date

December 1st


5 Hours



What you are going to learn

Here you will learn what you will need to get started off creating FLOOR PLANS

in this course you will get to grips with what's needed to start drawing floorpans and getting to grips with the equipment needed along with with how to start a basic drawing.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • Equipment needed
  • What floorpans are used for
  • How to draw to scale
  • why you should draw a Floorplan
  • and more!

Ollie Samy

Real Estate Photography trainer
Ollie Samy started his passion for photography within the sports field, which started his journey of discovery. Later on, he found his way into Real Estate photography, working with some of the most prestigious companies in London and the UK. 2012 was the year his passion for its architecture and interior designers and photography combined.
He has accumulated extensive knowledge with Real Estate Photography at its centre, combined with his utmost professionalism and expertise. Ollie has decided to share his wealth of experience with you in this comprehensive training course. 

Course reviews

"Floorplan were always a scary thing but getting something like this has completely changed my mind on planning out a property."
Laura Pellegrinni
Apprentice Cad Technician
"This starter course has given me tons of confidence to go and Floorplan. properties for realtors in my area giving a better experience for my clients"
Luca Milana
Property photographer and floor planner
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